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Water Contaminants, Alkalenium Inc
Water Contaminants, Alkalenium Inc

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know in detail the specific contaminants found in the water in your area

Water is fundamental for the proper functioning of our body; Drinking water is important to see and feel good. Therefore, if we want to have quality health, we must ensure that the drinks and food we consume are also healthy.

Unfortunately, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has done many studies and analyses that have shown that the water in the United States contains seriously toxic pollutants, and worst of all is that the population is consuming them daily without knowing it. Therefore, if we consume contaminated water and of bad quality, instead of favoring our health and helping us, it will definitely cause the opposite effect in our organism, that is, to get sick and harm us.

The website of this organization ( has an effective tool that through writing the name of your city or your ZIP Code, allows you to know in detail the specific contaminants found in the water in your area and the effects that they cause in the health of people. To give you an idea of ​​everything that the water contains, we will mention the series of contaminants found in the water of the state of California and the effects each one of the causes:

· Trichloropropane - cancer.

· Dibromo - cancer.

· Arsenic - cancer.

· Bromodichloromethane - cancer.

· Bromoform - cancer.

· Chloroform - cancer.

· Chrome - cancer.

· Dibromochloromethane - cancer.

· Dichloroacetic acid - cancer.

· Nitrate - cancer.

· Nitrite - cancer.

· Radiological contaminants - cancer.

· Tetrachlorethylene - cancer.

· Trihalomethanes - cancer.

· Trichloroacetic acid - cancer.

All this is what you are drinking in each glass of water, so your health could be at risk.