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  • alka bev

    Our Alka Bev is the 1st Non-Electric Alkaline Ionizer system producing hydrogen-rich antioxidant water. Water is fed through various layers via a unique system of…

  • alka tower

    Now you can easily filter and increase your water PH and obtain alkaline water with our new Alka Tower. This system works with the best…

  • Thera H2o

    Thera H2o removes 99.99% of contaminants that water has while generating drinking alkaline water in a natural way. This system works through a Reverse Osmosis…

  • thera beauty

    Washing your face and brushing your teeth are important daily tasks. Our Thera Beauty system filters out chlorine and other chemicals usually found in tap…

  • thera 300

    Thera 300 is ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, and other light usage applications. It will eliminate water hardness allowing your business to offer the highest quality…

  • thera-4s-hybrid

    Let your business bring the best-quality water to your costumers. Our Thera 4S Hybrid with large capacity provides up to 3,000 gallons per day of…